Which Line Are You In?

Comedy   |   2018   |   11 min

Director: Stephanie Carson

Writer: Stephanie Carson

Producer: Stephanie Carson

Category: Short

Language: English

Country: USA


Which Line Are You In?


It's baseball season and Manny, the narcissist jerk is full of himself and doesn't realize it. His mind is set on scoring the best seats in the house for the upcoming World Series game one and he doesn't want to miss it. For the first time in his life, he has set his alarm because being late is not an option. While waiting his turn in line, he strikes up a conversation with other fans of the big game and is more than happy to tell his innermost secrets to anyone within earshot to pass the time away. One never knows where a conversation may lead.


Eric Supensky, Ron L. Cox, Chris Wargo, Loretta Burnette, JD Rose


Cookie Carson Productions