La Vie Magnifique De Charlie

Drama   |   2017   |   83 min

Director: Bobby Huntley

Writers: Bobby Huntley, Nikki Wade

Producers: Bobby Huntley, Nikki Wade, Chet A. Brewster

Category: Feature

Language: English

Country: USA


La Vie Magnifique De Charlie


After her sister Brandy's untimely death, everyone is taken aback by Charlie's unorthodox (and seemingly quirky) approach to her grieving process. Follow Charlie and her friends Kayla and Keturah as they go along for a wild, hilariously exhilarating and bittersweet ride which will surely be the craziest day of Charlie's life.


Kortnee Price, Nikki LaShae, Lailaa Brookings, Ashley S. Evans


Bobby Huntley Films

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