"Undeniable" The Tray Chaney Story

Biography   |   2018   |   45 min

Directors: Anthony Commodore, Mitch Credle

Writers: Stuart Haight, Dahjn Marie Gomez

Producers: Anthony Commodore, Tiffany Hainsworth

Category: Documentary

Language: English

Country: USA


"Undeniable" The Tray Chaney Story


This is a riveting story about a young man's destined to succeed in the entertainment industry, but the success came at an early age and at a huge cost. However, the rebounding proved more difficult than imagined. This story told by Tray Chaney himself, along with several major names in the film and music industry. A definite must see!


Tray Chaney, Russ Parr, Big Daddy Kane, JD Williams, Clifton Powell, Keith Robinson, Anwar "Big G" Glover, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Kenny Lattimore, Black Child


Commodore Independent Filmworks

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