Gehenna: Darkness Unleashed

Horror   |   Faith  |   2015   |   70 min

Director: Ka Zarr Coleman

Writers: Ka Zarr Coleman, Caleb J. Jackson

Producer: Ka Zarr Coleman

Category: Feature

Language: English

Country: USA


Gehenna: Darkness Unleashed


The horror/suspense thriller feature film GEHENNA opens with an intense scene where a large man is running through the dark woods while screaming. As he approaches an abandon old garage out of the fog and darkness an unseen image(Antagonist) ascends from beneath the fog. Within a minute he over powers the large man who desperately try's to escape from being pulled into the darkness. Three days later a group of hikers accidentally stumble upon badly mangled body parts and quickly report it to the police. Over the next few weeks several murders are discovered. The killings appear to be committed using some sharp object and still no one including the police has a clue how or why they are occurring. Seasoned police detective Roger Cook(Protagonist) is a burnt-out burly looking investigator who is earnestly looking forward to retiring in 10 days.


Caleb J. Jackson, W. Keith Scott, Akiba Robinson, Barry Battle


Ka Zarr Productions

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