The Curse of EVE

Horror   |   Faith  |   2019   |   107 min

Director: Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Writer: Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Producers: Jasmine Deanne Andrews, Jeanette Dey Andrews

Category: Feature

Language: English

Country: USA

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The Curse of EVE


When a job opportunity opens up for newlywed Grant Himmel (Mel Thomas), he moves his wife Christie (Megan Rene) out to the country in Courtland, Virginia. However, Christie finds life in the new house unsettling. The area has a history of violence and exile of the Cheroenhaka Native Americans that no one is talks about. After several strange encounters she begins to believe that the house is haunted, but nobody believes her. Then, when Christie discovers the truth behind what is going on, she finds that she is already trapped in the house.


Megan Rene, Mel Thomas


Sullied Bride Productions