Little Men

Drama   |   2020   |   24 min

Director: Ayesha Adu

Writer: Ayesha Adu

Producers: Ayesha Adu, Senay Matewos

Category: Short

Language: English

Country: USA


Little Men


"Two boys make a startling discovery on the way to school. Taking place in 1989, Little Men is a compelling winter tale of two endearing 10-year-old boys, Andre and Marcus. Their friendship is tested after they make a startling discovery on the way to school. An existential crisis occurs after an action by one of the boys.. From poverty stricken backgrounds, Andre and Marcus are at once one and the same and completely different. Andre, coming from a family with a single mom, is being raised with dignity and aspirations. In the womb of her crack addiction, Marcus’ mother is downwardly mobile; using Marcus as a verbal punching bag. Andre aspires to a higher class than his family would indicate, while Marcus aspires to the underclass. What happens after their discovery, challenges them to think about their outlook on themselves and about the world they live in."


Brenden Lucas, TJ Ward, Lerea Carter


Imaginary Worlds Entertainment